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Tomás Espinosa Bertran

Tomás Espinosa

Is an actor, director and playwright.

Is an actor, director and playwright. He obtained his BAs´in Acting from the University of Chile. He es prominent as a director and playwright, being best known for creating the Geografía Teatral theater company. With this company he has directed pays such as “ A lie of the Mind” by Sam Shepard, “ Body, body on the Wall…” by Jan Fabre and “Isabel Sandoval Modas” plus “Natacha” written by Armando Moock. He also written and directed plays of his own signature such as “La causa del siniestro”, “ Jaula Obesa”, “Menu b” and “After”.

Among the first works we can find in his first years of studies, we can find the direction  of “Betamax”,  written by Camila Le- Bert, and his performance in plays such as “prat” by Manuela Infante, “ Cómo se hizo Eva Clauss” by Alejandro Moreno directed by Manuela Oyarzún anda Paula Bravo, as well as in “Monumento” by Yasna Kusanovic, winner of the 2006 Victor Jara Festival.

Together with his constant work with Geografía Teatral, he has recently performed in play such as “Partir y Renunciar” by Amelia Bande, directed by Javier Riveros and “Mi Familia”, work realized by the “Laura & Marta” company. He has also worked in short films directed by Alonso Machuca as the lead actor; shorts such as “Recuperación” and “ La Flor de la Higuera”

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